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A FREESCO is born

Updated for FREESCO 0.3.8!

This set of tutorials describes how to set up a FREESCO router. They are based on tutorials I wrote a long time ago (Setting up FREESCO for dummies (like myself) and What to do with your new FREESCO). Here I have tried to describe how I use some of the features of FREESCO. I hope these documents can be useful for someone else too.

I have tried to keep the material on a high level. The idea is that anybody with some computer- and network knowledge/experience shall be able to use these tutorials. However, sometimes it is necessary to go into details. If things get too complicated for you, take a break, do some Googling on the topic, or post a note in the FREESCO support forums.

I do not claim to be the original author of the information found in these tutorials. Most (if not all) information has been gathered from the FREESCO manual and the FREESCO support forums. All credits should go to the original authors, I have just "repackage" information already available.

  1. Setting up FREESCO: How to set up a floppy based FREESCO.
  2. Additional setup and configuration: Describes how to increase security by applying patches, how to test your FREESCO and how to stealth ports. Also describes how resolve FTP problems by enabling a NAT helper module.
  3. Remote administration: Describes how to use the Web Control Panel and the SSH server to administrate your FREESCO. Covers administration from within your LAN as well as administration from outside, ie from any computer on the Internet. Also describes how to get a free domain name.
  4. Printing with FREESCO: Describes how print using the built-in print server and two printers.
  5. Installing packages: How to extend the functionality of a floppy based FREESCO by installing packages.
  6. Installing FREESCO on a HD: How to move your FREESCO from a floppy to a HD.
  7. Running from RAM: Describes how to read disk only once and the run FREESCO entirely from RAM.
  8. Adding Slackware binaries: How to add extra functionality to your FREESCO by adding Slackware 3.9 binaries
  9. Some words about my box

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